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Homeschool policy & requirements:

1. Responsibility - The total responsibility for the legitimate and effective education of the children rest upon, and solely upon, the parents of the children. All parents who home school under the auspices of this ministry agree not to hold the ministry, the church, nor the officials or people associated with the ministry or the church liable for the education, social development, or quality of character of the student being schooled at home. Victory Christian School nor Tuscaloosa First Assembly will be held accountable for, nor liable for any injury occurring on church / school property. Parents are responsible for ensuring the integrity of their educational program and the safety of their children. 

2. Accountability - Each family participating in this ministry agrees to be accountable to and agreeable with this home school ministry and its representatives.

3. All families will provide a list of curriculum and materials to be used for the upcoming year. The parents are responsible for the costs and administration of curriculum and materials used.

4. Families should instruct their children approximately 175 days for an academic school year. These 175 days include days present, days sick, and no more than 8 teacher work days. The basic course of academic study includes; but is not limited to reading, spelling, writing, arithmetic, geography, English, science, health, history, physical education, computer, and Bible; during the total course of study.

5. Parents are required to notify Victory Christian School if there are any changes in their phone number, address, or school enrollment status. (This is very important in case we have to contact you with important information) Failure to inform the school with any new information could result in dismissal of the students from the school. Also, if you decide to discontinue your homeschooling you should contact the church school administrator first to complete your grades and get required paperwork for entry into another school.

6. There are two required parent meetings during the year. One parent is required to be at these meetings in January and in June to fill out required paperwork. These meetings are a time to check attendance, grades, and lesson plan books, which is required documentation. Attendance is mandatory!

 7. The homeschool teacher must keep lesson plans or journals, attendance sheets, and grades current and complete. The lesson plan books should document subjects taught, with books and page numbers used.

8. Victory Christian School requires that your students be tested, using a nationally standardized test (S.A.T or IOWA) at least every other year, beginning with the second or third grade. A copy of these scores should be placed in their school folders. The parents are responsible for the cost of these tests.

9. We require you to be a member of the Tuscaloosa Home Educators (THE). This is included in your enrollment fee. (I will pass it on to them.)

10. Each home schooling family will appoint a Principal Teacher who will keep all records, including attendance, grades, and lesson plans or journals. You will be required to fill out a church school enrollment form and a principle teacher form each academic year that you are enrolled with us.

11. If you do not have a church that you regularly attend, we strongly recommend that you search for one. We welcome you to visit our church services.

12. Philippians 4:6 says: "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God." We believe in prayer and would like to pray for you. Let us know of your prayer requests, either by mail or email: [email protected]